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Welcome to The AuthenticYou Movement, a place where you will find your authentic self and clarify your unique contribution so that you can present yourself with confidence and impact in any situation!


"I would recommend Ishreen to anyone who is at a tipping point in their career or their life more generally."

Caroline Sandemann Allen

Head of Secretariat and Governance Lloyds of London


"Ishreen is a great listener and combined with insightful questioning engages you to think differently about your personal or business challenge."

Glen Ward  

Head of Strategy Development

National Australia Group


"I would highly recommend Ishreen to individuals thinking about what's next and how to reach their maximum potential."

Lindsey Grossman

Head of Partner Engagement


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Meet Ishreen

A creative, compassionate global changemaker who causes cultures of belonging in which organisations and individuals feel valued, connected and safe

Ishreen provides motivational conversations, coaching and supportive networking so that you can improve your financial, social and psychological freedom, leading to increased independence and confidence.

Her passion is that everyone has a fair crack in life.


To this end, she conducts research in to the barriers people face at work and uses this insight to influence organisational and public policy so that people get to be  be their authentic selves – happy and confident; achieving the success they seek and contributing to the people and communities they care about.

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