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Welcome to The AuthenticYou Movement, a place where you will find your authentic self and clarify your unique contribution so that you can present yourself with confidence and impact in any situation!

What our clients say is different about The AuthenticYou Movement

Honest Conversations

It was possible to have real and honest discussions that enabled us to challenge ourselves and be open - work on our weaknesses and own our strengths

Mind Changing Experiences

It's fundamentally changed some things in my mind… I’ve never had that experience before.

Being with other professionals

Working with other people in senior roles who have a corporate mindset - who know that environment and are comfortable in it. Working alongside other women with similar problems, not only at work, but also at home…growing together.

A safe and open environment

Feeling safe… it's not always the case when you have this type of training

Experience Being Known

I think what's different is that you are very personal and person orientated. You took the time to get to know me and you very quickly got to know me…and you are very insightful. I had an experience of being known…that I didn’t even get with ‘Date with Destiny”

A unique, experiential format

Your format: more consistent, more available, and your commitment

Client Testimonials

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