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Are you ready to

  • Overcome your imposter syndrome? 

  • Be recognised and valued for who you really are and not who 'they' want you to be?

  • Deal more effectively with challenging situations and difficult people? 

  • Develop your executive presence and impact?

Then you are in the right place.

Welcome to The Authentic You Movement!

If you would like to access some of our content before you join The AuthenticYou Movement as a full member, why not become a TASTER MEMBER?  For just £9 a month you will be connected to the ‘content’  we work with in the Movement.

You can join as a monthly member for £9 a month or

have 2 months on us as an annual member for just £90 a year

Taster Member
Explorer Member

For the very affordable £37/month membership, our Explorer Members  join our monthly Strategy and Tools online workshops.  You will practice new approaches, behaviours  and mindset shifts to current challenges: deal with conflict, self talk and imposter syndrome; refine your professional brand, increase your Executive Presence and develop a strong support infrastructure for success.

Explorer Strategy and Tools Calls take place at 12-2pm GMT on the first Monday of every month

You can join as a monthly member for £37 a month or

have 2 months on us as an annual member for just £370 a year

Advocate Member

Advocate Members have everything that is available to Explorer Members  In addition, they also benefit from:

  • Monthly coaching calls with our head coach – Ishreen Bradley.

  • ‘The AuthenticYou mobile Hub‘ which contains  all our ‘Strategy & Tools Call’ recordings; knowledge nuggets as well as intersectional forums and home groups where you will meet and uplift yourself and people like you. 

  • You will also receive Monday Maximisers to deepen your practice of the tools, strategies and mindset techniques we explore; Tuesday Tips to deepen your knowledge of the topics and Friday Fun for amusing takes that lighten your week.

  • Invitation to International Parity at Work Day Events – An inspiring start to the new year with people who are committed to ensuring parity at work.

Advocate coaching calls are at 12-1pm GMT on the third Monday of every month.

You can join as a monthly member for £87 a month or

have 2 months on us as an annual member for just £870 a year.

Even if you know that you are competent and powerful you can still feel excluded at work… as a professional woman…an ambitious young graduate…someone who is differently, white or rainbow.

Guess what? 


Times are changing…being different is powerful and sought after.

Imagine if you really invested yourself in understanding and using your value…your whole world and life can change.

You know you are good

…but does your organisation recognise that? 

We can show you how to move forward with impact…beyond any fear that they may be right…or the voice of your imposter syndrome that you are not ready yet.

“I understand how I can use my values, vision and proposition to benefit my organisation and live my life fulfilled and passionately.  I understand the value I offer at work and home.”  


Global Insurer   

“It was a very different way of thinking for me, but one that has really clarified things for me.  I focused on ‘who I am’ and my essence – I feel really confident now.”  

Becca White, Deputy MD 

PR Agency


AuthenticYou Advance is available to you if you have been with The AuthenticYou Movement for  more than a year.

In addition to continuing your Advocate Member benefits, it is an opportunity to:

  • deepen your experience of our strategies and tools

  • have access to some of our well known experts for additional skills that will increase your success

  • pay it forward to enable others to benefit from everything The AuthenticYou Movement has to offer.

Our Advance member calls will be at 8-10pm GMT on the 3rd Monday of every month.

You can join as a monthly member for £37 a month or

have 2 months on us as an annual member for just £370 a year

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