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Congratulations on joining

The AuthenticYou Movement!

Your Explorer Membership gives you efficient access to practicing new strategies and tools at work.

As a thank you for joining our Movement, we have donated a years’ worth of e-learning to a child in rural India - a part of our commitment to fulfilling on The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 10: 'Reduced Inequalities'.  Your gratitude certificate is on its way.

You now have access to: A monthly virtual lunch & learn to practice new strategies and tools for being AuthenticYou 



These calls are your opportunity to practice new strategies and tools that cause people to connect with you and what is different about you resulting in an increased appreciation of your contribution and impact.

We lunch and learn on Zoom at 12-2pm on the first Monday of every month (with a few exceptions to account for holidays).  Click here for the lunch and learn call schedule and dial in details.

First please download and install zoom on your mobile and laptop:


Then click here to book your place on these calls.  You will then receive an email with all the dial in details, including a zoom link for the calls.  Do remember to book the calls into your calendar so that you don't miss out!

Strategy & Tool Calls

Even if you know that you are competent and powerful you can still feel excluded at work… as a professional woman…an ambitious young graduate…someone who is differently, white or rainbow.

Guess what?  Times are changing…being different is powerful and sought after.

Imagine if you really invested yourself in understanding and using your value…your whole world and life can change.

You know you are good

…but does your organisation recognise that? 

We can show you how to move forward with impact…beyond any fear that they may be right…or the voice of your imposter syndrome that you are not ready yet.

“I understand how I can use my values, vision and proposition to benefit my organisation and live my life fulfilled and passionately.  I understand the value I offer at work and home.”  


Global Insurer   

“It was a very different way of thinking for me, but one that has really clarified things for me.  I focused on ‘who I am’ and my essence – I feel really confident now.”  

Becca White, Deputy MD 

PR Agency

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