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C-Suite Aikido for navigating holiday stress

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

The last weekend before Christmas...I wonder how you’re doing?

Have you done all your shopping and ordered your turkey? Are you ready to go to your family, if you're going to your family?  How’s it all going? 

I wonder what kinds of decisions you might already have made about what the holidays are going to be like...I want wonder…

  • have you already decided that it's going to be the most beautiful, delicious, happy time with your family? Or

  • have you decided that it's going to be difficult and draining? Or

  • have you decided that it's really expensive and you really don't need it when you're already struggling to pay the bills? 

Depending on what kind of decision you've made, that'll give you a certain kind of energy. And when your family members see that kind of energy, that’ll determine how they interact with you.

For example,

  • if you've already decided there's going to be the best time, it's going to be a happy time, you’re going to have a great time with the family, you’ll bring an excited kind of energy, a happy, joyous kind of energy. And, when they see you, your energy will uplift them, whatever they're dealing with. 

  • If you've already decided that it's going to be a difficult and draining time, then the energy you bring as you meet your family, will be kind of like a worried, detached, a remote kind of energy. And when your family see that kind of energy, they might think that you really don't want to be there, and that will shape the way they react to you. 

So the energy you bring will influence how the interactions go. 

Yes, you really do have that much power!

  • If you've decided that it's going to be financially difficult, that you really can't afford it, you're going to bring a worried and stressed kind of energy, and your family will be concerned, and they might start asking questions that just irritate you and you’ll just wish they'd get off your back.

You can see that the way you show up, the energy that you bring, it's going to influence your whole experience of the holidays, and the experience that your family has a feeling. 

I'm going to share with you some moves from the C-suite Aikido Toolkit that you can use to bring harmony and happiness to your holidays. 

Move Number One: Tune Into What Is Really Being Said.

If you have a difficult situation or a disagreement, try and tune into what they're really trying to say and hear what they're really communicating beneath the surface of that brittleness or that harshness. When you tune into what they're really trying to say, try and bring an energy that'll help them connect with you. Once they experience that you're tuned into them, they're more likely to hear you, which will be a much more satisfying experience for you. 

Move Number Two: Come From A Place Of Compassion And Concern Rather Than Judgment.

When we're stressed, when we are challenged, we tend to make really quick judgments and those judgments aren't really positive about the person we're stressed with. They can be very negative. That can be very derogatory and that'll influence the way we communicate. So move number two, it's really coming from compassion, slowing yourself down, being interested in them rather than coming from judgment. 

Move Number Three: Come From Generosity And Love. 

When you come from a place of generosity and love, fear and anger cannot exist.  This allows you to transform the energy of your relationship to one of joy and satisfaction. 

So those are three moves from the C-suite Aikido toolkit that we have for managing challenging situations. I hope you enjoy using them and that they make your holiday one of joy and celebration and happiness.Welcome to your blog post. Use this space to connect with your readers and potential customers in a way that’s current and interesting. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where you can share updates about business, trends, news, and more.

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