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Making the most of the party season

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Feeling conflicted about spending so much time socializing during the season, rather than working? 

Ah December! Season of lights, season of shopping, season of parties and socializing. It can all get a bit overwhelming, with competing priorities, and just how are you supposed to keep moving forward in  your career, with all this fun and frivolity?

Well, I’d like to propose a simple shift in the way you approach these parties.  Yes, I encourage you to join in the merriment.. because let’s face it, the old adage is true, “All work and no play makes Jackie a dull gal”, and nobody wants  that on or leading their team.  They want dynamic, thoughtful, and competent leaders.

While you’re having fun, though, consider this… be strategic in the way you approach all the social activities.  This is a great time to meet and grow your network and reputation, while in an informal environment.  The truth is, people choose to work with people they know, like, and trust.  A social situation is an informal way to get to know and like others… and allow them to get to know and like you.

Let me give you some constructive ideas to maximise the opportunity of this month...and shift it to work for you.

Find out who is going to be there and why you want to get to know them.

Take time to interview potential virtual board members and check them out while you have easy access to them. This is an informal environment, this will allow you to see how they interact with others, what they say about others, and essentially decide whether they align with your core values.

Have a really clear value proposition that you can pull out when the opportunity arises.

It’s inevitable… the question will come around, “what do you do?”  But that’s not what they’re really asking… When someone asks this question, rephrase it (in your mind) to “How do you connect with or impact my life?”

Join in and enjoy the merriment that is all around you your own a way that works for you and your preferred style of engagement. This is an ideal opportunity for others to see you in a more relaxed state that shows off a fuller version of who you are.

Wishing you a fun and powerful holiday social season, I’ll be back next week with some ideas about taking Aikido into the C-Suite.  If any of these terms are unfamiliar to you, check out  the other videos in our Monday Maximiser playlist on YouTube"

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