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Infiltrating the Old Boys Club

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Have you ever had a run in with "The Old Boys Network"?

Do you feel as if THEY are preventing you from "getting ahead"?

Well, it's entirely possible that this is true, for you, for me, and for others - both male and female.

The "Old Boys Network" actually sprang up from all-male public school chums who networked together as adults. I'm certain that there was never a malicious intent to exclude anyone, simply a choice to do business with and support friends and the people they knew, liked, and trusted. It is these relationships that forged the backbone of industry in this past century.

Because this network is built on relationships, the KEY to infiltration is relationship building.

Here's a framework of items to consider when preparing yourself to integrate this club:

  • Find out who is in the club, what the rules are and join in;

  • Be more political: less effort on task delivery and more on building relationships internally;

  • Challenge thinking and dogma, disrupting the way things have always been done, redefine roles, challenge stereotypes and get more flexibility; and

  • Focus on results, customers or employees instead of the politics.

Tonight on the AuthenticYou Strategy and Tips call we'll be going deeper into determining WHAT positions need to be filled in your virtual board, and WHO those board members will be. There MUST be an advocate within the Old Boys Club and we'll discuss strategies of identifying and recruiting the most influential board members you can.


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